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EDITORIAL: Here’s to health

Author: The Steamboat Today Editorial Board - June 19, 2017 - Updated: June 19, 2017

For more than 60 years — beginning in 1950, with the completion and dedication of Routt County Memorial Hospital, the forerunner of Yampa Valley Medical Center —the Yampa Valley has enjoyed a level of medical care unprecedented in a community as small as ours, and to this point, we’ve achieved and maintained that level of care almost entirely on our own.

But the health care landscape is changing. More and more often, smaller organizations are being absorbed by larger ones, usually resulting in greater funding and expanded resources but, at the same time, more centralized control. For this reason, such changes are often regarded with trepidation, and, with the uncertainty that has recently arisen in terms of the future of health insurance in American, this sense of trepidation is more than justified.

We are currently undergoing such a change.

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