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EDITORIAL: Forcing tax release could backfire

Author: The Broomfield Enterprise Editorial Board - August 12, 2017 - Updated: August 12, 2017

Would many Americans like to see President Trump’s tax returns revealed? Of course. This president’s refusal to do something that almost every major party presidential candidate has done for the past four decades — paired with concerns about possible ties to Russia — has only heightened interest in what those tax returns would reveal.

But that is a poor reason to force a new tax-release requirement upon anyone who wants to run for president — and upon each candidate for vice president, Congress, U.S. Senate, Colorado House and Senate, governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state treasurer, secretary of state, state board of education, CU regent or district attorney.

A group calling itself Strengthening Democracy Colorado has proposed this reactionary ballot initiative, which would require that candidates for any of these offices provide the Colorado secretary of state copies of their past five tax returns or be disqualified as a candidate for office.

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