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EDITORIAL: We can’t afford status quo on transit

Author: The Fort Collins Coloradoan Editorial Board - June 19, 2017 - Updated: June 19, 2017

After a 41-year wait, 365-day bus service is finally happening in Fort Collins.

Last week City Council voted 6-1 to move forward with Sunday Transfort routes, making public transit possible for everyone, every day.

It comes at a cost of $375,000 per year in the city’s 2017-18 budget. Colorado State University will pitch in $92,500 and CSU student government will give $145,000, leaving a $138,000 gap.

We appreciate the city joining its peer cities in taking this step, and we hope it’s the beginning of a more fundamental conversation about how Fort Collins will grow and address affordability, congestion and environmental challenges.

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The Fort Collins Coloradoan Editorial Board