Don’t get raked, keep abreast of daily shock and awe from DC

Author: John Tomasic - February 15, 2017 - Updated: February 15, 2017

OB Rocks during big surf. (Brian Box via Flickr)
OB Rocks during big surf. (Brian Box via Flickr)

Colorado veteran legislative players can’t be taken by surprise by news from any quarter. Pet projects can go south on a dime. They have to keep their gimlet eyes on news, including the daily, hourly — hell, constant — news from Washington. Ignore it and likely as not you could find yourself raked by a rolling wave.

It’s Wednesday and it has been a(nother) tough week in Trumpland. How to keep up?

WTF Just Happened Today?” is one of a sea of daily roundup newsletter options. It appears to be a one-man operation run by Emergent Future editor Matt Kiser. As he puts it, he “logs the daily shock and awe.”

As yet, there’s little comfort on the menu.

Kiser does an ace job of the old blogger skill called “curating.” His lists surface themes and suggest lines that might connect dots. His headlines make dark poetry of careering developments.

Here’s a stanza on the arc of the fastest forced exit of perhaps the clumsiest, most uncreatively deceptive and could-be criminal national security advisor in the nation’s history:

“Day 24: Shots fired.”

“Day 25: Turbulent.”

“Day 26: Clusterfuck.”

News included under the headlines, includes: Russia deploys cruise missile, Russian lawmakers defend ex-national security advisor, Administration leaks opening up in every corner, Bannon taking shots at Priebus, U.S. allies have no idea what is happening with Trump administration, Secret Service director stepping down, Trump turns Mar-a-Lago Club terrace into open-air situation room, Courts proceed with lawsuits — and a new injunction — against Trump travel ban, America’s biggest foreign creditors dump treasuries in warning to Trump, North Korea challenges Trump by firing ballistic missile into Sea of Japan… and so on.

Don’t get raked. Keep abreast of the shock and awe.

John Tomasic

John Tomasic

John Tomasic is a senior political reporter for The Colorado Statesman covering the Colorado Legislature.