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The Denver Post: Scouts overreact in kicking out a Cub for pointed questions

Author: The Denver Post Editorial Board - October 20, 2017 - Updated: October 20, 2017

Boy ScoutsEli Whalen, 10, center, purses his lip as he salutes the lives of fallen soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice dying for their country in battle while paying his respects alongside fellow Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts alike on Memorial Day amidst hundreds of families attending a ceremony on Monday, May 29, 2017 at Fairview Cemetery in Linden, Mich. (Jake May /The Flint via AP)

Surprising news that a Broomfield Cub Scout has been kicked out of his den after he asked pointed questions of state Sen. Vicki Marble is troubling indeed. Certainly, exiling the fifth grader from his peers strikes us as an unnecessary and hurtful overreaction.

The story is difficult to comprehend, in part because of the radio silence coming out of the local scouting office over the boy’s dismissal. But the guts of it despair.

Last week, Broomfield Boy Scouts invited Marble, a polarizing Republican from Fort Collins, to speak. According to Lori Mayfield, mother of the dismissed boy Ames, the event came with an assignment as part of the Scouts’ educational mission. Scouts were to read or watch news stories about Marble and form questions for her. Ames, a gifted and talented student with a passion for politics and news, came with a list.

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