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The Denver Post editorial: A smart reform for veterans’ education

Author: The Denver Post - May 9, 2017 - Updated: May 9, 2017

Coloradans should take heart that a bill moving through the legislature would make it easier for veterans to translate military training into college credit. As parents and educators of traditional college students know all too well, sometimes even small roadblocks can get in the way of graduation, and the status quo for veterans contains more than a few.

Joining a classroom full of recent high school graduates after combat duty in some of the world’s most dangerous places carries plenty of challenges. Not least among those challenges is that some college courses repeat material already mastered by members of the military, but whether that mastery equates to official recognition varies from campus to campus.

As The Denver Post’s Monte Whaley reported this week, the contemporary military spends well north of $100,000 training each new service member. The training leads to nurses and medics, intelligence analysts, drone operators, logistics and mobilization specialists, and, of course, computer programmers.

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