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The Denver Post: Colorado election results indicate a progressive monsoon is on the way

Author: The Denver Post Editorial Board - November 10, 2017 - Updated: November 10, 2017

Denver’s Mayor Hancock on Tuesday evening, Nov 7. (Jessica Machetta, Colorado Politics)

When voters in Greeley, Colorado Springs and Mesa County all break school-funding dry spells that have lasted longer than a decade, it’s a sign that a progressive monsoon is coming.

We don’t think we’re reading too much into Colorado election results Tuesday night when we predict rainy days ahead for Republicans in this bellwether state.

Not only did voters in traditionally conservative communities support tax increases to support their local schools where similar measures have failed in previous years, but Douglas County voters rejected a slate of school board candidates that would have continued education policies, like vouchers for private schools, that are traditionally supported by conservatives.

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