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Conservation Colorado released its annual scorecard. This Dem scored a 0.

Author: Erin Prater - July 17, 2018 - Updated: July 17, 2018

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Conservation Colorado released its annual legislative scorecard Tuesday, and the grades are extreme — either something to write home about or something to feed to Sparky, quickly.

Unless, of course, you consider a big fat F from the environmental watchdog a badge of honor.

Not surprisingly, all Democrats received a perfect score — except for Sen. Dominick Moreno of Commerce City, who received an 89 percent, and former Rep. Steve Lebsock of Thornton, who received a zero — perfectly in line with the 12 Republicans who also scored big goose eggs.

(Lebsock, who was expelled in March, tweeted in January, “I will not caucus with House Dems this session. Thank you to several Republican House members coming up to me and giving me hugs.” He changed his party registration to Republican just minutes before the expulsion vote.)

The highest ranking Republicans? In the House, Rep. Marc Catlin of Montrose got 36 percent. In the Senate, Sen. Kevin Priola of Henderson received 63 percent.

As the Unaffiliateds go, state Sen. Cheri Jahn of Wheat Ridge scored 67 percent.

The average score was 68 percent in the Senate and 60 percent in the House. Female legislators and legislators of color scored, on average, 10-34 points higher than their colleagues in the same chamber, according to a Tuesday press release from Conservation Colorado.

“Our victories this year show that Coloradans are passionate about the environment,” the group’s acting executive director, Maria Handley, said in the release.

“Unfortunately, these values are not reflected in the leadership of the Colorado Senate, which once again prioritized corporate profits over people and blocked bills to protect our rivers from mining pollution, keep oil and gas drilling away from playgrounds, and limit our carbon pollution.”

Curious how your favorite (or least favorite) legislators performed? View the scorecard here.

Erin Prater

Erin Prater

Erin Prater is Colorado Politics' digital editor. She is a multimedia journalist with 15 years of experience writing, editing and designing for newspapers, magazines, websites and publishing houses. Her previous positions include military reporter at The Gazette, general assignment reporter at The Huerfano County (Colo.) World, copy editor at David C. Cook publishing house and adjunct mass communication instructor at Pueblo Community College. Her bylines include The New York Times Upfront, The Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, S.D.), Military Spouse magazine and Omaha Magazine (Omaha, Neb.). Her syndicated bylines include The Denver Post, MSNBC.com, Military.com and wire services.