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The Colorado Springs Gazette editorial: Anti-business bills threaten good jobs

Author: The Colorado Springs Gazette - April 19, 2017 - Updated: April 19, 2017

No Colorado legislative session would be complete without a spate of “messaging bills” designed to regulate private businesses and burden them with new expenses and procedures.

As explained in this space April 12, House Bill 1305 would establish a “ban the box” law, preventing employers from using job application forms that ask prospective employees about criminal convictions.

It injects the state into a private-sector hiring concern that has forever been left to the discretion of employers.

In addition to banning the question, the law would forbid advertising and statements on applications that discourage convicts from applying.

Private-sector employer/employee relationships are private affairs. Unless state government wants the responsibility of a private company’s payroll, and all liabilities associated with the business, it should stay out of employee screening practices.

Read more at The Colorado Springs Gazette.

The Colorado Springs Gazette

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