In race to win diverse swing Senate District 25, May, Priola relish long-march door-to-door

Author: John Tomasic - August 19, 2016 - Updated: August 22, 2016

There’s really no other effective way to do it. People tune out TV and radio and mailers are quickly recycled. You have to go door to door, meeting the residents, chatting them up, listening to their concerns, doing what you can to win them over or at least make sure that, when they’re staring down at their ballot in the fall, they might remember your face and your name and that you made the effort to win their vote. That’s what the two dogged candidates for state Senate District 25, Democrat Jenise May and Republican Kevin Priola, repeat over and over when you ask them how they plan to win the key swing seat in November. It’s always dinner time The state Senate district they're vying to represent sits north of Denver and runs from farmland on the plains at the eastern edge through metro suburbs and urban pockets in Brighton, Thornton and Aurora in the south and west. The district stretches across something like 1,000 square miles.

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John Tomasic

John Tomasic

John Tomasic is a senior political reporter for The Colorado Statesman covering the Colorado Legislature.