Colorado Senate Democratic leader surprised by Andy Kerr ‘endorsement’ email

Author: Peter Marcus - July 12, 2017 - Updated: July 12, 2017

Sen. Lucia Guzman
Sen. Lucia Guzman

Colorado Senate Democratic Leader Lucia Guzman says she is supporting both members of her caucus that are competing in the 7th Congressional District, despite an email from Andy Kerr.

Guzman responded to an inquiry from Colorado Politics after Kerr, of Lakewood, sent out a press release with the subject line, “State Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman Endorses Andy Kerr for Congress.”

Guzman said she is endorsing both Kerr and Sen. Dominick Moreno of Commerce City in the primary, which also includes Rep. Brittany Pettersen of Lakewood.

The three Democrats are hoping to replace U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Arvada, who this week dropped out of the governor’s race and said he would not run for re-election to Congress.

“They’re both in my caucus, I cannot take sides. It’s causing a huge concern for our caucus, and I just said, ‘I’m going to support both of you,’” Guzman said. “’I’ll endorse both of you, I support both of you, may the best man win.’”

Guzman said she approved a graphic that accompanied the Kerr email, which says, “I support Andy because… Andy Kerr is a fighter. Whether we’re fighting for the LGBTQ community, small businesses, or the environment, he has never wavered in standing up for Coloradans. In Congress, he’ll stand up to Donald Trump to protect our values and our way of life. Andy gets things done, plain and simple – and he’s a great snowboard instructor, to boot.”

The graphic includes a photo of Kerr and Guzman in ski gear.

But Guzman said she was not aware that the email Kerr would send out would include the key word “endorses” in it.

Guzman said after the Kerr email was released she called Moreno to let him know that she was also supporting his campaign.

“I’m also endorsing Dominick Moreno because I feel like I can’t take sides,” Guzman said. “I cannot take sides, these are both quality people, both full members of the caucus, which I lead, and so I endorse both of them.”

Moreno responded, “I am pleased to have Minority Leader Guzman’s endorsement. Lucia is a long-time friend, colleague and leader who I have been proud to serve alongside. I want to thank her for her belief and support in me, and I look forward to continuing to show the people of CD-7 that I am the best candidate to represent them and our values in D.C.”

Peter Marcus

Peter Marcus

Peter Marcus is senior statehouse reporter for Colorado Politics. He covers the legislature and previously covered politics, the governor’s office, the legislature and Congress for The Durango Herald. He joined The Herald in 2014 from The Colorado Statesman, a Denver-based political weekly. The Washington Post twice named Marcus one of the nation’s top state-based political and legislative reporters.

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  • Denny

    July 16, 2017 at 3:14 am

    Wait – she approved the graphic but is upset that Andy called it an endorsement? Did she not read the graphic or is she politically naive or just stupid?

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