Will ToorWill ToorSeptember 6, 20186min643

This fall, Colorado voters will make important decisions about transportation funding, but they need the facts to reach the right choice. The hard reality is that just building more highway lanes won’t solve either the urban traffic mess or the economic struggles in rural areas. Instead, Colorado needs a healthy mix of ways to get around – some road work, certainly, but also more buses, bike lanes, carpooling, and similar efforts, as well as a combination of state and local projects. Recent research, in fact, underscores why even mountain towns and rural areas need better transit service.


Debbie OrtegaDebbie OrtegaSeptember 3, 20184min660

This fall, the Colorado Farm Bureau and oil and gas companies like Anadarko and Noble are poised to pulverize the very purpose of local government. By changing only 11 words in the state constitution, as Amendment 74 seeks to do, any property owner could claim that any government decision decreased the value of their property and sue local and state governments for compensation -- with taxpayers forced to pay the price.