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Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsFebruary 15, 20184min3870

Diana DeGette does not stand for you.  DeGette and her fat cat cronies have been getting wealthy while our communities suffer.  She shows up at election time for our votes and, once elected, quickly returns to Washington to vote for bigger and bigger government programs that make her and her friends rich and powerful and keep us and our families down. I, Casper Stockham, stand for you!


Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsFebruary 15, 20184min2960

The culture of sexual harassment pervading Hollywood and the U.S. Congress is now — finally — starting to get the attention it deserves. And the challenges women face when confronted with harassment and assault are starting to get the attention they deserve as well. When women object to mistreatment or file complaints, their grievances are often widely dismissed by their peers and supervisors; they face hostility for "rocking the boat," and they often face severe professional and personal repercussions.


Hal BidlackHal BidlackFebruary 13, 20187min5460

In 1984 I was in a military parade. Well, not exactly. I was in the military and I was in a parade, up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our Olympic Arena team had won several trophies for excellence at the missile operations competition (think Red Flag for missiles), and the nice folks running Cheyenne Frontier Days that year invited us to participate in a parade through downtown Cheyenne. There were several of us, on a flatbed truck with bunting around the edges, and three really big trophies. We waived to the nice folks, as we followed behind a couple of big tractors and in front of (always be in front of) a bunch of horses. That is the totality of my experience marching as a military member in public parades.


Hal BidlackHal BidlackFebruary 9, 20186min3950

My poor and long-suffering editor here at Colorado Politics is Diligent, Awesome, and Nice, so I call him “Dan.” And poor Dan often has to remind me that the name of the site is “Colorado Politics” and not “DC Politics.” And I really, really do try to write about Colorado. After all, there is lots to write about here in the West. I even got a nice note from a former Colorado governor, telling me he liked one of my columns that talked about, well, Colorado stuff. I should write more about Colorado to make both Dan and any other governors out there, happy.


Simon LomaxSimon LomaxFebruary 9, 20188min55720

How often do you think the New York Times and a Colorado Springs conservative ever agree, about anything? That’s the question I was asking myself after reading recent news coverage in the Times about the geopolitical importance of U.S. oil and natural gas production. The Jan. 28 story explained how much diplomatic and economic leverage we now have over countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia, which have historically used their energy supplies to intimidate other nations and get their own way.