Capitol M: Week ending April 6, Budget Edition

Author: Marianne Goodland - April 7, 2018 - Updated: April 23, 2018

Capitol M
Gov. John Hickenlooper, when he’s not jetting off to points East, with the capital M. Photo courtesy of Gov’s office.

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd, or, what goes on at the Capitol when lawmakers are not sitting at Coors Field, or as it was briefly known as on Friday, Citizens Bank Park.


The next time Rep. Leslie Herod offers you donuts around April Fool’s Day…Capitol M advises you to think twice. Those lovely Bavarians she offered to fellow lawmakers on Monday did not taste as good as they looked, especially given that the Bavarian creme was swapped out for mayonnaise.

Rep. Herod should be careful. Capitol M has it on good authority that paybacks are already being planned. Given that the pranksters have almost a year to plan, this could get interesting.


Quote of the week, round one…during Wednesday’s debate on the Long Bill, from Sen. Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud to Sen. Jack Tate, who was chairing the debate. “Thank you, Madam Chair,” said Lundberg. Realizing his error, he quickly apologized, to which Tate replied, “I’m a sensitive soul.”


Speaking of the budget…long nights tend to be hard on lawmakers’ feet, so they spiced it up a little with colorful socks on Wednesday.

Capitol M
The view, literally, from the Senate floor during Wednesday night’s budget debate.

There were colorful socks among a few lawmakers. Socks with donkeys. Socks that look more like feet.

And then there was the third in this group. Sen. John Cooke of Greeley would not let me see the rest of this sock, which has more to say. Look it up.


Quote of the week, round two…In a debate on the Senate floor Thursday, Sen. Bob Gardner, R-Colorado Springs, brought the religion. The subject was Senate Bill 201, which would exempt churches from licensing requirements if children are on-site three hours or less a day. Gardner thought that was arbitrary.

“I’m a Baptist,” he said. “You can’t even say ‘Praise Jesus’ in three hours.”


The playful chiding…between the  House and Senate this week took on a new look when Rep. Lois Landgraf of Fountain waxed poetic about a Senate amendment to a bill, carried with Rep. Tony Exum, on court programs for veterans.

“The Senate, so brash, so bold, so verry, verry old.

They deliberate and meditate – we wait and we anticipate.

Although they are long-winded, their changes often irrelevant,

Disagreeing would be futile, like arguing with an elephant.

Conference committee? Not worth it. No point in going there.

We won’t argue with the Senate, we’ll just accept their small….amendment.”

What, you were expecting something else at the end of that last sentence? Apparently, so was everyone else, given the reaction.


Thanks to the Guv for showing off the capital M of Capitol M this week.

Marianne Goodland

Marianne Goodland

Marianne Goodland is the chief legislative reporter for Colorado Politics. She's covered the Colorado General Assembly for 20 years, starting off in 1998 with the Silver & Gold Record, the editorially-independent newspaper at CU that was shuttered in 2009. She also writes for six rural newspapers in northeastern Colorado. Marianne specializes in rural issues, agriculture, water and, during election season, campaign finance. In her free time (ha!) she lives in Lakewood with her husband, Jeff; a cantankerous Shih-Tzu named Sophie; and Gunther the cat. She is also an award-winning professional harpist.