Energy & Environment Council Bills Bill Title/Description Council Position
SB 14 by Sen. Baumgardner/Rep. Becker, J. Inspection requirements/Underground Tanks Support
SB 89 by Sens. Fenberg & Lundberg Installation Electricity Storage Systems Oppose/Dead
SB 145 by Sen. Fenberg & Rep. Foote Electric Utility Distribution Acquisition Plan Oppose/Dead
SB 188 by Sen. Marble Repeal Income Tax Credit Motor Vehicles Oppose


Health Care Council Bills Bill Title/Description Council Position
SB 003 by Sen. Smallwood & Rep. Neville Repeal of CO Health Benefit Exchange Monitor
SB 57 by Sen. Guzman Hospital Provider Fee Enterprise Support
SB 88 by Sen. Holbert & Rep. Hooten Network of Providers Oppose as Introduced
SB 151 by Sen. Crowder & Rep. Ginal Consumer Access to Hlth Care/Intermediaries Oppose/Dead


Labor & Employment Council Bills Bill Title/Description Council Position
SB 001 by Sen. Neville & Rep. Neville Alleviate Fiscal Impact of State Regulations Support
HB 1001 by Rep. Buckner Parental Leave for Academic Activities Neutral
HB 1119 by Rep. Kraft-Tharpe & Sen. Jahn Payment of Workers Compensation Benefits Oppose as Introduced
SB 187 by Sen. Tate & Rep. Carver Reduce Regulatory Burden Rules on Business Support


Tax Council Bills Bill Title/Description Council Position
SB 009 by Sen. Crowder Increase Per-Schedule Exemption on BPPT Support
HB 1049 by Rep. Thurlow Elimination of Interest/Tax Abatements Neutral as Amended
HB 1063 by Rep. Leonard/Sen. Neville Concerning Reduction in BPPT Support/Dead
HB 1090 by Rep. Kraft-Tharpe/Sen. Gardner Continuation Advanced Industry Tax Credit Support
SB 112 by Sen. Neville & Rep. Pabon Intergovernmental Tax Disputes Support


Governmental Affairs Council Bills Bill Title/Description Council Position
SB 191 by Sen. Tate & Rep. Wist, Willett Market Based Rates/Interest on Judgments Support
SB 218 by Sen. Hill Automated Driving Motor Vehicles Support


CACI Board of Directors’ Bills Bill Title/Description Board Position
SB 45 by Sen. Grantham & Rep. Duran Const. Defect Claim Allocation of Defense Costs Support
SB 155 by Sen. Tate & Rep. Saine Statutory Definition of Construction Support
SB 156 by Sen. Hill & Rep. Wist HOA Const. Defect Lawsuit Approval Timelines Support
SB 157 by Sen. Williams & Rep. Melton Const. Defect Actions Notice Vote Approval Support
HB 1169 by Rep. Leonard & Sen. Tate Const. Defect Litigation Builder’s Right To Repair Support