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Boulder Daily Camera: Gun proclamations

Author: The Boulder Daily Camera Editorial Board - September 15, 2018 - Updated: September 15, 2018

The polarized nature of gun issues recently came into focus in Longmont. The mayor’s attempt to strike a balance through rival gun-safety and gun-rights proclamations only showed that common ground is hard to find.

Here’s what the Editorial Advisory Board thinks: 

The mayor of Longmont, in his attempt to appease both sides of the gun debate with dual public proclamations, has ended up appeasing no one. This issue of guns is ever-present in our lives and is one where it seems we make the least progress. After the shooting of six people in Bakersfield, Calif., this week, a law enforcement official called mass killings “the new normal.” Sadly, it is fast becoming the old normal.

Gun rights activists are worried about the “slippery slope” where even one regulation related to guns will inevitably lead to ever more restrictions until, in relatively short order, all guns of every kind will be prohibited. They don’t trust gun-control advocates and they don’t believe their stated intentions.


The Boulder Daily Camera Editorial Board