Sen. Michael Bennet to discuss Senate GOP tax bill on Facebook Tuesday evening

Author: Jessica Machetta - November 28, 2017 - Updated: November 28, 2017


U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., is hosting a Facebook live town hall on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. (7:30 ET) p.m. The question-and-answer session will focus on the Senate Republican tax bill. Bennet is asking constituents to submit questions ahead of time on Facebook, or, submit questions by emailing

Those who want to listen to the Facebook Town Hall over the phone can dial in with this number: 202-228-0808; Conference ID #558933

Some of the questions already posted include:

  • “Cory Gardner was asked about this bill no less than five times, and continued to repeat that it is a ‘job growth’ bill. Can you explain how this bill is meant to grow jobs? Gardner also claimed that he ‘doesn’t believe’ that tax increases provide economic growth. So that one would be fun to explain as well.”
  • “We keep hearing promises about corporations putting their windfall from this tax plan into new jobs and wage increases. Why can’t we simply mandate this as part of the bill? Half of any benefits as a result of the bill must be used by corporations for wage increases for the bottom 50% of their workers or new jobs. I’d be willing to try something like that.”
  • “Explain the rationalization of 1. deductions for jet plane ownership and 2. repealing the estate tax. These are handouts for the wealthy. Seems hard to justify given that this bill is going to add to deficit/debt.”
  • “It’s a foregone conclusion, but I just wanted to urge a big NO vote for yourself and Senator Cory Gardner. One of you will listen, the other is headed for the dustbin of history.”
  • “I would be BLOWN AWAY if you got together with your Republican counterpart, Cory Gardner to co-host an objective session. Otherwise, this sounds like a partisan echo chamber.”
  • “I think your Medicare X is a great first start, where do you stand on the ultimate goal, Medicare for all?”
  • “What can we, as constituents, do to help you defeat the Tax Bill? And what can we, as constituents do to maintain our Internet Neutrality?”
  • “Why is the GOP pushing a “Tax” Bill that cuts medicaid, and medicare, that most Americans are against? (I’ve read 75%) And why are their donors paying multiple millions to get it passed ? (Hint money talks) By the way I lived through the Reagan years so trickle down BS is not an acceptable answer.”
  • “We asked for healthcare reform and you screwed us on that so what makes you think you will listen to us tear you apart on your tax bill for your own benefit and not the working man?”
  • “The personal exemption will be eliminated. The child tax credit will be possibly increased. At What age will the child tax credit end? What will be the tax change impact for a family making $35,000 with 4 teen children, all students: 13, 17, 19 and 20 years old?”
  • “Hasn’t read anyone’s bills ever so good luck with getting info, just download the blurry Democratic manifesto and that’s what will come out Bennett’s mouth.”
  • “What do we do about the desperate job situation and horrible Medicare expansion program in Colorado. I really don’t want to die here.”

Jessica Machetta