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Ban bump stocks

Author: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Editorial Board - October 7, 2017 - Updated: October 7, 2017

Members of Congress are quickly galvanizing around the idea of banning “bump stocks” — a firearm accessory that helped the Las Vegas gunman inflict maximum carnage on the music festival crowd he fired into.

Bump stocks allow a semi-automatic rifle to mimic a fully automatic weapon by unleashing an entire large magazine in seconds. As the Associated Press reported Wednesday, they were little-known devices before Sunday’s massacre.

Suddenly they’re a hot item. Bump stock manufacturers can’t meet demand for the devices, apparently on consumer fears that they’ll become the target of a ban. Those fears seem warranted after top congressional Republicans signaled that they would be open to examining where they fit into current gun regulations.

“Automatic weapons are illegal,” Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, the GOP chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, told reporters on Wednesday, according to The Hill. “To me, that is part of that same type of process. So I have no problem banning those.”

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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Editorial Board