Tracee BentleyTracee BentleyOctober 11, 20185min1160

Extreme to its very core, this measure – which would put 94 percent of private land  in the top five oil and natural gas producing counties off limits to new energy development — has drawn bipartisan opposition from all corners of the state. Opponents include both majority party candidates for Colorado governor, Democrat Jared Polis and Republican Walker Stapleton, as well as unions and chambers of commerce and rural and urban communities and their elected leaders.


Tracee BentleyTracee BentleyJuly 26, 20185min1123

Each year, the Colorado Petroleum Council hosts an annual luncheon and dialogue on the state of the energy industry in Colorado and the Mountain West. Especially during this time of increasingly heated political debate, we find it critically important to come together at today's gathering and discuss a wide range of issues, from public policy outcomes to environmental achievements to the broader state of Colorado’s present and future energy industry.

Tracee BentleyTracee BentleyJune 20, 20186min764

Natural gas and oil touch nearly every aspect of life in Colorado – with responsible, well-regulated development that protects the environment and public health, creating jobs and opportunity while providing significant support for public services, including the state’s education system. That’s the broad message contained in a new report, “Progress and Opportunity,” just released by American Petroleum Institute.


Tracee BentleyTracee BentleyApril 26, 20185min557

Coloradans, by virtue of our surrounding beauty, are environmentalists. We respect the land, our water, and our air while we enjoy our earth’s resources. For those of us for whom the land and its vast resources are our livelihood, we are encouraged to see the momentous strides to bolster American security, economic growth and environmental sustainability. We celebrate them this Earth Day and National Environmental Education Week. Our land in Colorado provides for our families and communities, and industries, such as natural gas and oil as well as agriculture, are vital to fulfilling modern expectations for life, health and prosperity.

Tracee BentleyTracee BentleyMarch 5, 20185min2822

The natural gas and oil industry has made significant strides enhancing American security, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. The industry is leading the energy renaissance with the advancement of technology that allows for precise, efficient exploration and development with minimal environmental impact. Not only is environmental stewardship important to millions of Coloradans, it’s important to the natural gas and oil industry.