August 6, 20182min172

The law is clear on who can run for city office -- including the new position of full-time mayor -- in Pueblo. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, be United States citizens, residents of the city for at least 12 months before election and free of any felony convictions. That's it. Oh, there's also the requirement to submit nominating petitions with no fewer than 100 nor more than 200 signatures of eligible voters in the city of Pueblo.

May 8, 20181min228

The Colorado General Assembly is apt to cram a lot of stuff into the waning days of each year's 120-day legislative session. That is the case again this year as the session rushes to final adjournment Wednesday. There's even a legend that the Legislature once or twice actually stopped the clock before it ticked midnight on the final day in order to complete the House and Senate leadership's agenda.