October 6, 20171min1270

Pueblo area residents will have a rare opportunity to speak out at a local hearing next Thursday on Black Hills Energy's request for a rate adjustment to their monthly electricity bills. Harris Adams, senior hearing judge for the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, will conduct the hearing from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday in the 4-H auditorium at the Colorado State Fairgrounds.

October 5, 20171min1200

The Colorado Legislature met in a special session this week in which nothing much was accomplished. On the plus side, though, legislators did avoid setting a terrible precedent that could have had led to difficult ethical questions in the future.

October 3, 20171min1090

The Air Force Academy won't tolerate racism on campus, Superintendent Jay Silveria said in stern, no-nonsense message to thousands of cadets last week. Lt. Gen. Silveria reacted quickly and appropriately after someone wrote racial slurs on message boards outside the dorm rooms of five black students enrolled in the academy's preparatory school.

October 2, 20171min2000

Ballot Issue 300 in the city of Pueblo's Nov. 7 election is definitely not the way to support the local police and public safety. Just vote "no" on 300. While it proposes an increase of one-fourth of 1 percent in city sales and use tax for 10 years, issue 300 would require -- not just suggest -- that of the 24 new police hires "at least 10" would be "problem-solving officers based out of substations to work with 10 neighborhood councils on crime reduction planning and an at least five-member violence and crime reduction unit." Micromanaging to the extreme. The voters need to reject the idea and leave officers' duty assignments to the police chief and his professional commanders to handle as they see fit. Read more at The Pueblo Chieftain.

September 29, 20171min1910

East Side residents have been living in a so-called "food desert" since their local Safeway store closed almost a year ago. The hard truth is that finding their way out of that desert isn't going to be easy. At a community meeting about the issue earlier this month, Pueblo City Councilman Larry Atencio fielded questions from frustrated constituents about what was being done to find a replacement for the East Eighth Street grocery. It's not like the problem is being ignored, though. Unfortunately, many large retailers already have been approached and decided against locating in the neighborhood. And, if we're being honest, expecting a major chain to fill the void may be unrealistic. Read more at The Pueblo Chieftain.