September 29, 20171min377

Colorado health officials should take the contamination crisis in El Paso County into their own hands and set a limit for the allowable concentration of unhealthy chemicals found in drinking water. Certainly the U.S. Air Force has responded quickly to findings in 2016 that the military air base east of Colorado Springs had contaminated ground water with harmful perfluorinated chemicals, or PFCs, through a flame retardant used to fight fires at the airport. PFCs are used in a number of consumer products and have been linked by scientists to problems like low birth weights, and kidney and testicular cancers. The chemicals are thought to endanger pregnant women, infants and children the most. Read more at The Denver Post.

September 26, 20171min450

For its home games, the Denver Broncos go all out to promote traditional American patriotic values on the grandest of scales. The team invites veterans and service men and women to march out before the throngs. A huge American flag is extended over the gridiron in spirited tribute. A vocalist, the team and its fans honor the nation standing tall, many with their right hand over their heart, singing proudly our anthem’s great words of enduring American freedom and bravery. Playing in Buffalo, N.Y., Sunday, the Broncos — joining teams across the National Football League — displayed an even deeper understanding of our patriotism, and we hope the decision by the players and their management to unite in the face of a call to divide them serves as an important lesson to us all. For clearly, our country must find a way to advance beyond this troubled chapter in our racial history without leadership from the White House. Read more at The Denver Post.