January 27, 20181min403

The moment of truth has arrived for those in Congress long professing to see the problem of so-called Dreamers solved because it’s undeniably the right thing to do. The heroic but ill-fated efforts of Senate Democrats to force a solution for immigrants put at risk by President Donald Trump’s attack on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals system was not a net loss for DACA warriors. Former President Barack Obama compelled the country onto a path of common sense and decency in 2012 when he imposed the DACA measure by executive order. The program gives children raised in the United States, brought here by their undocumented parents, a reprieve from the threat of deportation. Obama imposed the awkward rules because a GOP-controlled Congress — held hostage by far-right party extremists — has, for years, refused to enact realistic immigration reform. While illegal-immigrant adults are still suffering in political purgatory, at least those children who qualify for the DACA program have been shown mercy.