Sen. Owen HillSen. Owen HillMarch 27, 20175min513

Mornings are rough. Stop-and go-traffic on I-25 can feel more like a nauseating carnival ride than a highway. It’s no easier in the city. A car just ahead with out-of-state plates slams on its brakes and that cup of morning coffee flies through the air, staining your shirt. The car ahead is now attempting to parallel park, and doing a pretty poor job of it. The minutes tick by until traffic opens up enough to swerve angrily around the parallel parking pariah, narrowly avoiding a pedestrian who decided to walk diagonally across a busy downtown intersection. Arrive at work late, stained, smelling like dark roast and at peak levels of frustration. Time to start the day.


Sen. Owen HillSen. Owen HillFebruary 7, 20175min397

Thankfully, our Republican-led Congress and President Trump are beginning the process of dismantling ‘Obamacare’ i.e. the so-called Affordable Care Act (ACA). It won’t be easy, but Republicans have promised the American people a better way on health care, and our state and national leaders must deliver. Voters have elected a Republican majority in D.C., expecting them to repeal Obamacare. If they do this correctly, they can unleash the same power of innovation that has made cell-phones inexpensive and ubiquitous, that has given every American the opportunity to travel worldwide faster and cheaper than imaginable, and that has made cars safer, faster and more reliable than ever before.


Sen. Owen HillSen. Owen HillApril 8, 20166min326

Medicaid is failing Colorado. For those of us who love this strong and beautiful state, the time has come for us to do something about it and align our economic and moral interests. In 2003 the Government Accountability Office designated Medicaid as a high-risk program; since that year all of the factors indicating risk have worsened. In this past year alone, Colorado spent over $6 billion of taxpayer money on Medicaid. This is just a small fraction of the half trillion dollars we spent across the US. Shockingly, 23 percent of the American population is covered by Medicaid. This means that 73 million people are dependent upon this failing program for health care. Under Obamacare and the Democrat championed Medicaid expansion, enrollment in Medicaid has increased 77 percent in the last two years, making us the fastest growing Medicaid state in the nation. Today, almost one in four Coloradans are depending upon this failing program for daily health care.


Sen. Owen HillSen. Owen HillMarch 9, 20166min507

Recently, the Denver Post penned an editorial arguing that a bill I’ve sponsored in the Senate is bad for Colorado. This bill requires Colorado's Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) to create a list of companies that have a public agenda of boycotting, divesting from, or sanctioning our longtime ally Israel. The Post reasoned that, while they support Israel, the Colorado legislature should not get involved in managing the $40 billion in assets and investments maintained by PERA on behalf of Colorado retirees.


Sen. Owen HillSen. Owen HillOctober 28, 20158min294
If the ITC continues to be a popular venue for litigants’ abuse of intellectual property rights through the unwarranted threat of exclusion orders, it may be time to consider a legislative fix With a rapidly growing tech sector, Colorado is an innovative leader among states with advances in smart grid technology, and abundant opportunity for […]

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