Rob Low, KDVRFebruary 3, 20181min5739

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Rick Raemisch, the executive director  for the Colorado Department of Corrections, has been verbally reprimanded for using a state vehicle to go elk hunting in October.

A five-page letter was written by the inspector general for the Department of Corrections that investigated Raemisch’s conduct.

The letter is heavily redacted. The first two paragraphs in the “finding of fact” are blacked out.

But the letter references use of a state vehicle during a hunting trip.

“(Raemisch) later placed a dead antelope in the back of the vehicle, leaving carnage and blood in the back of the vehicle which many members of his protection team complained about,” according to the letter.

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Rob Low, KDVRNovember 14, 20171min660

LARKSPUR — Alexis Bortell is hardly the first child whose family moved to Colorado for access to medical marijuana.

But the 12-year-old is the first Colorado kid to sue U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the nation’s official marijuana policy.

Shortly after moving to Larkspur, Bortell’s family began using a strain of cannabis oil called Haleigh’s Hope. A drop of liquid THC in the morning and at night has kept her seizure-free for 2 1/2 years.

But Bortell said the federal prohibition on marijuana prevents her from returning to Texas.

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