Leslie HerodLeslie HerodMay 22, 20178min743

Measures brought before the Colorado General Assembly in this legislative session have shown that the contentious national debate on immigration has been jolting our state’s politics as well. As the federal government has shifted its policies to penalize so-called sanctuary cities and aggressively deport immigrants, we’ve seen conflicting bills introduced here on whether our state and cities should cooperate with the government to enforce immigration laws.


Leslie HerodLeslie HerodJuly 27, 20163min436

I am honored to be able to attend the Democratic National Convention this week. I was present in 2008 when Hillary Clinton addressed the convention right here in Colorado. I remember her speaking about the need for unity and real action to make the lives of many Americans better. During her 2008 speech, Clinton posed the question, “Were you in this campaign just for me ... Or were you in it for that boy and his mom surviving on a minimum wage … were you in it for all of the people in this country who feel invisible?” I expect that she will again touch on that message tomorrow night when she accepts the nomination in Philadelphia.