Kelly SloanKelly SloanApril 18, 20187min1370

Earlier this month, Michael Blagg was convicted, for a second time, of the murder of his wife Jennifer. Their infant daughter Abby remains missing. News of this sort serves to concentrate the mind on matters of criminal justice, and the natural tendency is to focus on the system’s problems; but it also seems fitting on such occasions to reflect on how, in spite of everything, the people who comprise the system still manage to get the job done.


Kelly SloanKelly SloanApril 3, 20186min247

The Lincoln Club of Colorado, one of the oldest Republican institutions in the state besides the party itself, turns 100 this year, a milestone recently marked by a gala dinner-and-dance event. The organization sports a remarkable history, beginning with its provenance as a political counterweight to the prevailing ascendancy of the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado.


Kelly SloanKelly SloanMarch 28, 20189min1143

A municipal election in Erie, CO would not generate much interest outside the town limits, were it not for the fact that everything that happens politically in Erie in the last couple of years seems to stir excitement. The reason, of course, it that the little municipality finds itself, by geographic accident, on the front lines of the battle within the state over economic growth.


Kelly SloanKelly SloanFebruary 28, 20186min533

A few weeks ago, Burger King put out an internet ad in which the company attempted to demonstrate the concept of “net neutrality” using their product. The premise was the store’s customers being told that if they were willing to pay a surcharge – up to $26 – they would receive their Whopper faster. Those unwilling to pay would have to wait, as much as 20 minutes in some cases.


Kelly SloanKelly SloanFebruary 16, 20187min363

On three separate occasions in the dawning weeks of 2018, young men kissed their wives and young children goodbye, got in their cars, and headed out to their jobs, where they were to be killed only hours later. All three young men were cops – sheriff’s deputies, to be exact. Three law enforcement officers murdered in the line of duty within just the first 5 weeks of the year.


Kelly SloanKelly SloanJanuary 10, 20186min298

Everyone, please, calm down. Deep breath. That’s it. Better? OK, so U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions certainly caused something of a political commotion in Colorado with his decision to rescind some Obama-era directives which basically told U.S. attorneys to ignore, or at least de-prioritize, certain federal laws concerning marijuana, easing the way for nascent marijuana industries to do their thing in states which legalized the drug.  He did this by issuing his own memo which told U.S. attorneys they are again afforded the flexibility to enforce federal law in the matter. Yes, yes, I know, it’s on the order of repealing the Bill of Rights, burning the Magna Carta, and reinstating the Ancien Regime all in one fell swoop. I get it.


Kelly SloanKelly SloanDecember 19, 20176min342

Roy Moore lost his bid for U.S. Senate in Alabama last week, and Democrats around the nation celebrated – rightly so, inasmuch as the victory in deepest-of-deep-red Alabama chiseled the GOP Senate majority to a bare 51-49. In their exuberance, many Democrats and liberals hailed the election as a bellwether for the mid-term elections, a catalyst setting off a chain of victories in a Democratic sweep in 2018.