Jon Caldara, Author at Colorado Politics

January 9, 20176min1160

In our own ways, we’ve all been digesting the Trump victory. For me, a little phrase keeps surfacing in my mind and ringing: “And that’s why Trump won.” Let me make clear that Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice, not by a long shot. But as it became obvious that he was going to win my party’s nomination, I went through the stages of grief, and did so quickly. When you’ve seen as many political defeats as I have, you learn to accept reality much faster. You also learn there are no permanent political victories and no permanent political defeats. But the defeat of Hillary Clinton was a victory.


October 3, 20164min1360

Do you like the fact that Colorado politicians must ask us first before they raise our taxes or debt? They sure don’t like it. Our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) only became law through our citizen’s initiative process. Amendment 71 destroys that very process. Do you like that our elected officials are term limited? Are bound by ethics laws? Have to do their work transparently? Can’t use tax money to fund abortions?