John CookeJohn CookeSeptember 12, 20186min3621

It’s been almost three months since Colorado’s governor signed an executive order directing state air quality regulators to begin the rulemaking process to adopt California’s “Low Emission Vehicle” (LEV) auto emissions standards. But surprise! The governor’s regulators at the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) are changing direction and instead moving to adopt the far more radical and costly California “Zero Emission Vehicle” (ZEV) standards.


John CookeJohn CookeMay 30, 20185min983

In the closing days of the 2018 session of the General Assembly, the so-called “red flag” bill was rushed through the state House of Representatives in only five days from introduction to passage. House Democrats and the progressive media were united and vocal in their support, but in the end, only two of 47 Republicans in the legislature thought HB1436 worthy of support.


John CookeJohn CookeJanuary 17, 20186min1115

Coloradans and voters across the state agree that Colorado’s roads are in terrible shape and that improving and maintaining our state highways and roads needs to be Priority One for the state’s lawmakers. The mystery is why in the face of this broad, statewide consensus, from Grand Junction to Colorado Springs and Aurora to Alamosa, it is so difficult to get Colorado’s governor and all state lawmakers to prioritize state budget dollars to match the size of the problem.