Jennifer KernsJennifer KernsApril 8, 20166min412

The year was 1979. The Eagles' top song "The Long Run" was a hit on the radio. The Denver Broncos finished second in the AFC West Championship under coach Red Miller. And it was the last year that Democrats held a majority on the University of Colorado Board of Regents. The Eagles were right: it has been a long run indeed for Republicans. Fast forward 37 years to a high-profile 2016 election year filled with wall-to-wall coverage of presidential candidates. During such a busy year, an election for the CU Board of Regents would seem almost an afterthought. But among the down-ballot races in Colorado this year, the real sleeper race may be the statewide, "At-Large" open seat on the Board of Regents that could flip the political power of the nine-member panel that oversees 61,000 students, four college campuses and a $3.5 billion university system budget


Jennifer KernsJennifer KernsApril 6, 20165min299

Just as Coloradans became accustomed to the idea of the Affordable Healthcare Act, along came a ballot measure to replace the state's health care exchange with a health care model similar to Canada's universal system. Amendment 69 is a ballot initiative that promises to deliver on big goals of health coverage for all at a hefty price tag of $25 billion. ColoradoCare would guarantee health care coverage to every Coloradan through a Medicare-style system in which proponents say Coloradans would get to choose their own providers, with smaller co-payments and zero deductibles. Proponents suggest it would solve a multitude of problems by replacing the state's existing health care exchange which has suffered problems including cost overruns, lack of coverage, and website outages. While it sounds like a dream to some, those who would foot the bill suggest the idea is nothing short of a nightmare.


Jennifer KernsJennifer KernsMarch 31, 20167min462

Who is Donna Lynne? During a sparsely-attended snow-day press conference last week, Governor Hickenlooper nominated Donna Lynne to serve as Colorado's next Lieutenant Governor. In addition to the many commendations that Gov. Hickenlooper heaped upon his nominee, the warmth between the two could have melted the foot of snow that was amassing just outside the statehouse Wednesday. But the real snow job may be just how liberal Gov. Hickenlooper's candidate truly is.


Jennifer KernsJennifer KernsMarch 16, 20167min373

Franklin Graham, son of the legendary Rev. Billy Graham, visited Colorado Tuesday as part of a whistle-stop tour criss-crossing the nation in 2016. As part of Graham's "Decision America 2016 Tour," an estimated crowd of 2,000 people gathered at the state Capitol waving American flags. It resembled a campaign stop in every way, except one: Graham's name is not on the ballot.