Crisanta DuranCrisanta DuranJuly 30, 20163min369

On the final day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, I was asked to address the convention. Speaking on the night that Hillary Clinton made history as the first woman to ever accept the nomination of a major political party was without a doubt one of the greatest honors of my life. I will never forget representing our beautiful state on the stage, and I hope I made Colorado proud. In my speech, I made a point that in this country, we do not define our value by our net worth. As the daughter of a family that relied on food stamps to get by when I was first born, and growing up to speak about it on a national convention stage, this could not ring more true for me. I have always known that Hillary Clinton shares this belief with me, and after her speech Thursday night, I am so proud of what she believes does define us.


Crisanta DuranCrisanta DuranJuly 27, 20164min389

Our nominee said it best last night: "We put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet." We made history, making Hillary Clinton the first ever woman nominee for President from any major political party. For the rest of my life, I will remember that ground breaking moment in American history. I’m proud to say that throughout the second day of the Democratic National Convention, women took center stage.


Crisanta DuranCrisanta DuranJuly 26, 20164min333

Day one of the Democratic National Convention was marked by energy and excitement. The streets of Philadelphia were paved with progressives and the energy was palpable — a promising sign for the future of our party. I started my day at the Colorado Delegation Breakfast, where our state’s Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters came together for a productive conversation about continuing to move Colorado forward. Among other platform advancements, my fellow delegates discussed improving college affordability and super delegate reform measures.