Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsOctober 23, 20185min744

Fall in Colorado is an amazing time to experience our outdoor traditions. Rifle season is in full swing for big game hunters. Fishing is peaking as autumn mayfly hatches and spawning brown trout draw anglers to Gold Medal streams and lakes throughout the state. It is the time of year that drives our $28 billion outdoor recreation economy as hikers, campers, climbers, and mountain bikers spend time outdoors before switching gears to snow sports.


Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsOctober 17, 20188min504

Our state has a problem. The cost of living continues to increase, but wages are not keeping up. Simply paying bills can be extraordinarily stressful. Unfortunately, there is an industry that exists solely to take advantage of people in this situation — payday lenders. Preying on those who require a helping hand is sickening. That is why I urge everyone to vote “Yes” on Proposition 111, which will reduce the allowable interest rate to a maximum APR of 36 percent.