Bob Beauprez, Author at Colorado Politics

Bob BeauprezBob BeauprezJanuary 18, 201810min9713

Recently, Colorado Politics published my commentary lauding the many noteworthy achievements of the new Trump administration in only the president's first year in office. That praise is justified and hopefully there is a great deal more good to come from our 45th president and the Republican majority in Congress. However, as we have repeatedly witnessed with Donald Trump, every gain seems to come with a measure of pain – usually self-inflicted.


Bob BeauprezBob BeauprezJanuary 4, 201813min18860

A great many, even among those who voted for Donald Trump, openly questioned his conservative bona fides during the 2016 campaign. Some of his most ardent supporters (see Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham) quickly migrated from being the self-appointed enforcers of “Principled Conservatism” within the Republican Party to an unqualified endorsement of the new “Trumpian Populism” to justify their support. Others weren’t so sure.