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Aurora Sentinel: State GOP must tell the truth about Colorado civil rights and gay wedding cakes

Author: The Aurora Sentinel Editorial Board - March 17, 2018 - Updated: March 17, 2018

To borrow from another meme and movement tripping up Colorado Republicans in the Legislature: Time’s up.

For weeks, state GOP elected lawmakers in the state House and Senate have been trying to fool everybody by saying they mean no harm or trouble to the Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission by holding its funding hostage.

At best, their story is a distortion. It’s more accurately an outright lie.

Here’s the truth:

A slew of state Republicans, but not all, have had it in for the state’s commission created to protect minorities ever since the panel ruled in 2012 that infamous Lakewood wedding cake baker Jack Phillips couldn’t legally pull the religion card when he told a gay couple he wouldn’t serve them because his religion compelled him to snub their request.


The Aurora Sentinel Editorial Board