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Aurora Sentinel: Legislature must dispel condo-building myths perpetuated by home-builders and their minions

Author: The Aurora Sentinel Editorial Board - April 21, 2018 - Updated: April 21, 2018

It’s no mystery how the condo-building industry has fashioned itself to be a victim in Colorado. It’s about money and political influence.

The deep-pocketed construction lobby is flexing its political muscle again in trying to hoodwink the Aurora City Council into further undoing consumer protections already badly damaged by this city council and the state Legislature.

Few things in this state have risen to level of sham as has the myth and rewritten history about building condominiums along the Front Range.

We’ll set the record straight.

For generations, the building industry has paid mightily into the coffers of elected officials at every level of Colorado government. It has been money well spent.

Few industries enjoy the liberties and lack of oversight in Colorado as do homebuilders and developers.


The Aurora Sentinel Editorial Board