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Alamosa’s ex-finance chief reportedly near plea deal over charges she bilked city

Author: Kara Mason - October 23, 2017 - Updated: October 23, 2017


Last week Alamosa’s city manager said the city finance director had such a “sophisticated” embezzlement scheme it was difficult for even city auditors to crack the case.

In July, Amanda McDonald was charged with theft, embezzlement of public property, unauthorized use of a financial transaction device, and first degree official misconduct, according to a city news release. A warrant was also issued for her arrest.

McDonald, who was fired in October following a lengthy period of “restricted access” to city finances following a city audit, allegedly misappropriated $65,000 in city funds and provided health insurance to a family member, which supposedly cost the city around $400,000.

Alamosa City Manager Heather Brooks said during a recent city council candidate forum that the theft occurred “in very small amounts,” according to the Alamosa News.

More from the San Luis Valley newspaper:

“Some of the techniques that were used were very good and sophisticated where the auditors and even additional services were not able to find them,” Brooks explained.

Brooks also stressed that while the case was still proceeding through the court system, “everything I say is allegedly because nobody’s been found guilty.”

McDonald’s case is scheduled in court again in December. But the Alamosa News reports she is “accepting a plea agreement that includes a deferred judgment on a felony unauthorized use of transaction device charge and a straight plea to a misdemeanor theft charge.”



Kara Mason

Kara Mason

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