An open letter to Scott McInnis

Author: - April 10, 2009 - Updated: April 10, 2009

To Scott McInnis,

Received your letter dated March 25 and thought I would respond. There are several issues in which I have a concern that the Republican Party needs to look at.

First of all, I do not think any democracy can stand with multiple languages. I believe different cultures do and will exist, but, without a common language, we, as a country, are in trouble. This can be approached in a way that does not discriminate if done properly.

Secondly, the gay marriage issue, to me, is the simplest problem to solve if people would look at this issue for what it is. In the Constitution, we are guaranteed equal protection under the law. With that said, have you ever wondered about why you go to the courthouse, get a marriage license and proceed to a church? Why is government even in the marriage business? Get government out of this business and let the churches take care of it. If a church does not provide for this ceremony, then let a justice of the peace or some other marrying official take care of it. I approach this issue not as a gay individual but as a Christian. (It is not for me to judge.) We, as Republicans, blame liberal judges and courts for this, and it just does not wash with me. Look at the Constitution.

Thirdly, the war on drugs. Have we won or lost? Any good general would not keep sending his troops into battle if he knew he would lose. Maybe it is time to rethink this. Legalize and tax the hell out of it. Maybe we wouldn’t have to spend money on more prisons and would gain some support in the process. I know, as a past DA, you probably have a hard time with this one. But since the demand for drugs is so high, don’t you think it may be time to take a second look at this item? This is not to be meant for any drug that is taken by needle.

You say in your letter about retaining the incumbent. A large part of this last omnibus bill, which had a large amount of pork, was found to have a great percentage of Republicans involved in this. I say vote them out of office. Where both parties fail is, as these events unfold, the party is strangely silent. I say enough is enough. If a candidate gets out of line then we, as Republicans and Democrats, should speak up and let them know our displeasure. And start a search for another candidate. Bringing pork home should not be enough to be re-elected time and time again.

We talk of smaller government and use this as a draw of voters, but nobody really believes this. As great a president as GW was, he still managed to expand government. Homeland security, airport security used to be private and (so was the) prescription drug program. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying these were not needed, but expansion is expansion. This is a hard sell to the public.

The one item I will not bend on is abortion. This is an item we do not stress enough. Again, I do not look at this from a religious angle, but as a human being. To destroy your own young is beyond my ability to understand. There are so many devices to avoid a pregnancy, and also so many organizations to give the baby to, that I cannot support, in any way, abortion laws.

Defense of this country should not be a political talking point, as both parties, I believe, want security.

The one thing I do believe in is that, as a country, things change, and we as citizens should not become caught up in (believing) what worked 10 or 20 years ago would work now. This, I believe, is the reason we are so disconnected with not only government on the federal level, but state government also.

I do not and did not support the current president, as I believe any president who guarantees my automobile warranty may be in the wrong line of work.

Larry Crowder
Past Alamosa GOP County Chair