Letter: Why aren’t you allowing baby Brady’s voice to be heard?

Author: - August 1, 2014 - Updated: August 1, 2014

Dear Editor,

Ashley Chase Sinclair’s July 25 coverage of the pro-abortion rally against Amendment 67 sadly lacked a single quote from Brady Amendment proponents who were there. ‘A Voice for Brady’ advocates distributed materials questioning the moral standing of child-killing profiteers, who oppose this human rights measure, crafted to bring justice to pre-born children who become victims of criminal acts.

Just this past month, anti-A 67 gorilla, Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, suffered the humiliation of a lawsuit brought by the Mother of a 13 year-old girl raped from the age of seven by her step-father. As Live Action’s Lila Rose has repeatedly demonstrated with under-cover footage, Planned Parenthood routinely covers up statutory rape and sends the victim back to her rapist. Live Action that same week also released another sting video showing their Littleton PP affiliate instructing a 15 year old female in sado-masochism and asphyxiation games.

Why The Colorado Statesman continues to give credence and respect to this organization, which kills innocent baby boys and girls, made in God’s image and likeness with souls, and works overtime to destroy our youth is truly a great mystery.

Eight pound baby boy, Brady Surovik, was a person! No amount of failed cliches about “fertilized eggs” will reverse that truth. All Colorado children deserve equal protection under law, and Colorado parents clearly understand how gravely wrong is Colorado’s current law, which routinely denies justice for children killed by drunk drivers or other criminal perpetrators.

The Colorado Statesman didn’t give Brady Surovik’s champions a voice but we pray that Colorado voters will!

Leslie Hanks
American Right to Life

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