LETTER: Lobbyist Steve Durham resigns over Home Builders’ support for Hick and special session

Author: - July 4, 2014 - Updated: July 4, 2014

Dear Senate President Bill Cadman and Legislators:

On Thursday, July 3, 2014, the Legislative Committee of the Colorado Association of Home Builders voted to support Gov. John Hickenlooper’s request for a special session and his most recent proposed draft of legislation. Rather than ask you or any responsible member of the Colorado General Assembly to vote for this legislation, I have chosen, after over 15 years as the lobbyist for the CAHB, to resign my position.

It is important to note that members who spoke in support of this legislation stated that they knew this was a bad bill and acknowledged they wish they had the opportunity to make amendments.

The following are my reasons for resigning:

1. Congressman Jared Polis has created this crisis for the Colorado economy and it is clear that there are prominent members in CAHB who wish to help him resolve this crisis. It was clear that there was little desire to hold Polis accountable for what he has done or what he is trying to do to the citizens of Colorado.

2. Governor Hickenlooper has chosen to appease terrorist Polis rather than stating in no uncertain terms that what he is proposing is devastating for Colorado’s economy and should be defeated.

3. It became clear that any tactic necessary to “persuade” responsible legislators to support the Hickenlooper legislation would be used. I will not participate in any effort that demonizes responsible legislators and protects the irresponsible Jared Polis and Governor Hickenlooper.

4. The editorial in Saturday’s Denver Post asking Bob Beauprez to support the Governor’s irresponsible actions is a harbinger of things to come. The responsible legislators who oppose bad policy will be demonized by the media and their supporters and the terrorists will be allowed to proceed without consequences.

5. It became clear that the strongest motivation for the CAHB to support this legislation was an attempt by several prominent members to preserve their “relationship” with the Governor. The motive is not good public policy.

I hope that you will do everything possible to continue to resist this irresponsible legislation and hold accountable those who are jeopardizing Colorado’s economy.

My partner, Jeani Frickey has also resigned her position as CAHB lobbyist. Her reasons are her own and you should inquire of her should you desire additional details.

Steve Durham

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