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Playing it straight in Adams County

Author: - March 28, 2014 - Updated: March 28, 2014

Dear Editor,

First I would like to thank the staff at The Colorado Statesman for the excellent coverage and photos at the Adams County Democratic Assembly on March 15 in Brighton. This was an extremely positive and important event that allowed all of the delegates an opportunity to listen to our outstanding candidates at the national and state level and to select candidates at the county and district levels.

The photos, captions and coverage were excellent except the photo on the front page of Senator Mark Udall and Congressman Ed Perlmutter “embracing” a candidate for Adams County Commissioner is misleading and needs to be clarified. Campaign Coordinator Jen Ridder from U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s campaign office and Campaign Coordinator Chris Kennedy from U.S Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s campaign office have both stated that “neither Senator Udall or Congressman Perlmutter are endorsing any candidates in the Adams County Democratic primary races” as the picture could possibly suggest.

We are fortunate in Adams County to have quality candidates in all of the county races and also some very spirited primary races. I know personally that Wilma Rose is a lifelong Democrat and loyal Adams County Democrat who will work hard to contact as many Democrats in Adams County as possible with her positive message during her primary campaign for Adams County Commissioner. She just asks for a fair playing field so she can continue to improve the image of Adams County during her campaign.

Again, thank you for your comprehensive coverage of Colorado politics and allowing this letter to be submitted.


Dave Rose

Campaign Manager

Wilma Rose for Adams County Commissioner

ED’s NOTE: The Colorado Statesman does not endorse candidates, and the use of the photo was not meant to convey any favoritism to a specific candidate.

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