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Boo hoo Hudak and other Democratic gems to be soon uncovered

Author: - January 31, 2014 - Updated: January 31, 2014

Dear Editor,

I hope you will give an over-the-fold, front-page story investigation of the “neutral & objective” stonewalling by Governor Hickenlooper’s DORA official Barbara Kelley as you gave to the Hudak Hustle (aka Boo Hoo Hudak) in the Jan. 24 issue.

To stonewall the press in the era of Christiegate — only to be found out that the investigating board was Kelley herself, a former Democrat Senate head of staff and another Democrat operative — to quash Democrat Senator Mark Udall’s interference (excuse my clarification of numbers on Obamacare number of Coloradans who had their insurance renewed) — now that’s a front page story, with follow up. And yes, I’m not a journalist (but have written acclaimed books in personal financial planning etc.) Though I have been a catalyst in several national exposés (Bad Math, Bad Advice, Forbes, Barons, overvaccination of companion animals feature in the Wall Street Journal etc). Ask John Andrews, I blew the whistle on PERA long, long ago — the math presented as underfunding is way understated — see Monte Carlo analysis — but that, too, is another story. This Kelley Hickenlooper “objective and neutral” story stinks of cover-up. (And by way of disclosure, I have been in the past and will continue to be in the future a financial supporter of Tom Tancredo. Another disclosure: I am a conservative Jew — a distinction which should nominate me for inclusion in the Audubon Society’s extinct species manual.)

Both stories, The Hudak Hustle and The Udall/Hickenlooper/Kelley (Alleged) Cover-up have a larger context — contemptuous lack of responsibility, a reflection of our society where everyone is responsible and no one is responsible; everyone is a victim and too many perpetrators play the victim card and if they can afford it go then into rehab and feel upon release that we should applaud their effort. It reminds me of the song from 1957’s West Side Story: Dear Sergeant Krupke.

Again hoping you’ll give as much or more prominent space to the The Udall/Hickenlooper/Kelley we’re “neutral and objective” story as The Hudak Hustle…

Jim Schwartz

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