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Mike and Tom are both good guys

Author: - October 18, 2013 - Updated: October 18, 2013

Dear Editor,

I like Tancredo. 

I like Mike.

Oh, brother.

Nobody should announce for office prior to establishing a campaign online contact-possibility… sign of the dastardly times?

I don’t Facebook or Twitter. I do email. I wanted to send Mike Kopp my 20 New Ideas in memory of children armed with crayons at Sandy Hook. The adults massacred had choices outlined 14 years ago from Columbine. Sad history repeats as we ignore facts.

The Statesman printed an evolving version of my 20 suggestions (thanks). I sent the final draft to all governors (and media) and it was acknowledged by some who matter most, although I got no response from my own governor. I wanted to send Kopp the “ideas” after I read in The Statesman that he has basic philosophy on gun issues I probably agree with. I don’t see a way to write him.

Letter writer Steve Schweitzberger holds his “Viva Tancredo” bumpersticker while posed next to an enlarged “I like Mike” sign from Kopp’s former senatorial race.

So good luck to Mike Kopp and Tom Tancredo… and kudos to Gov. Hickenlooper for shifting state taxes into Estes Park when federal taxes balked. The real tragedy is that federal “non essential” workers will get a “paid vacation” when the dust settles. Privatize national parks and fund with users’ true costs? Oh Libertarian daydreamin’. Estes Elk probably enjoyed mating in relative privacy for a few days but what do I know about fetishes? 

Some days I am proud to be a veteran. When vets stormed the gates at memorials, then relocated the barricades to the White House lawn, that was such a day. “Mr. Obama… tear down these walls.”

Priorities, Mr. Occupant of The White House, priorities. You also, gubernatorial-seekers. Tancredo has guts, no dancing I ever noticed. 

Still… I liked Mike as my state senator. Choices are good.
Steve Schweitzberger

Jefferson County 

Former constituent of Mike Kopp and Tom Tancredo — what a resumé that makes!

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