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Eagle eye investigation is called for on EAGLE-Net

Author: - October 11, 2013 - Updated: October 11, 2013

Dear Editor,

Miller Hudson’s article in the Oct. 4, 2013 issue on EAGLE-Net misses a couple of most salient points:

1. EAGLE-Net’s refused to provide the Legislative Audit Committee with its Asset List (ie what they bought with the $100.6 million and where it might now be found). Where did all the money go?

2. Fact check? Does EAGLE-Net really have $8 million remaining? Per the Notice of Funds Availability for the grant, all funds were to be expended Aug. 30, 2013. EAGLE-Net claimed to have an extension from the Dept. of Commerce through Dec. 31, 2014, however, aside from EAGLE-Net verbal remarks to Legislative Audit Committee, no Letter of Extension appears in the public domain. If EAGLE-Net has no extension, it has no $8 million or any other federal funds remaining. With negative cash flow and no assets to pledge (assets are pledged to Feds) to potential lenders, EAGLE-Net is in an impossible bargaining position with any potential partners and the network may have to be shut down sooner rather than later. This would leave Denver-area school districts scrambling to find a new Internet Service Provider in the middle of the 2013-2014 school year.

Frank Ohrtman

Concerned Denver Public Schools Parent

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