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Old red eyes is back

Author: - September 13, 2013 - Updated: September 13, 2013

The World’s End

Starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Rosamund Pike; directed by Edgar Wright

From The World’s End brewery comes a selection of filmic brews that are sure to tantalize the retina. Like beer, movies may all contain the same basic ingredients, but what sets them apart is how those elements are flavored and fermented. You may have consumed products like The World’s End before, but not the unique way it crafts its various brands. Below are just three examples of The World’s End’s output. Have a visual drink, and you’ll agree that The World’s End is, well, the world’s end! Bottom’s up!

At first glance, Strongwiser seems like a typical lager: It contains five school chums from England — now middle aged — who return to their school town to retrace their aborted formulaic attempt to down a brewski at 13 pubs all in one night along a route that ends at a pub called World’s End. As they are now aged ingredients, they are reluctant to engage in this youthful debauchery, except the one character ingredient that never seemed to age to maturity and cajoles the other four to take a break from their respectable lives to join in the effort. The chemistry between all five ingredients is a bit strained at first, but they begin to blend as old times are recalled and bitter animosities and indiscretions come to the surface and are mellowed through reconciliation. But then a distinct aftertaste emerges as the bottle is consumed during the running time. We discover the bold superhero strength aroma these five lads possess! Amazingly, they can overpower all other elements in the mix. This surprising flavor turns this lager from a sedate, pedantic texture into a standard, pale lager that makes it hard to swallow and reduces any heft and tension presented by the dangers these five ingredients encounter during their night of headlong hedonism.

This ale contains a secret ingredient that affects the entire range of its flavor and essence. This being summertime, ales can provide a refreshing yet mindless diversion from more serious, heavy cinematic offerings. So, it’s only natural that The World’s End would manufacture this special Dystopia Ale. But instead of other summery ales of its type, this particular ale is seasoned with lighthearted dystopian colorings that suggest more hoppy hopefulness for the future of mankind. That comes from the secret ingredient. Not much can be divulged about this secret ingredient as it is proprietary. Suffice it to say that strange byproducts emerge from this formula and thereby affect every other element in the vat of their former school town as they partake in pints along the 13-pub crawl — byproducts that present serious foamy dangers and are not, unfortunately, simply apparitions from a drunken haze. These five character ingredients stumble upon a plot produced by this secret ingredient that supplants their respective flavors with its own and thereby risks pervading the whole world batch, which only these five ingredients can stop or hasten. That they are able — incredibly — to do both at the same time is the special secret of this ale that leaves one with a hangover and boggles the mind.

The beige, amber hue of this pilsner says it all: We humans may be flawed and irrational, but we like it that way! Humanbrau will remind you of those other, previous cinematic brews that stand for the proposition that our special human psychological concoction can be just what we need to overcome more sophisticated and advanced — even foreign or otherworldly — ingredients. The power of Humanbrau lies in its natural, unadulterated purity. Sure there may be other, more sophisticated elixirs that can relive all of our unwelcome side-effects (like conflicting flavor additives, warlike admixtures and bitterness). But would we really want that? Take a big swig of Humanbrau and remember that it’s made by humans, for humans, and should be consumed with humans. It’s important to drink this pilsner with friends who, although they might piss you off sometimes, are still better than the mindless alternative that may offer immediate tasty inebriation, but is not made with any genuine care or ingredients. The world may come to an end, but if it’s an end we choose, we say drink up, and make a toast to Humanbrau! Cheers!

Cheers! Doug Young is our award-winning film critic. He also works as Senior Policy Director in Governor John Hickenlooper’s Office of Policy and Research.

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