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“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” — Julia Child

IT’S THE SAME AS POTPOURRI, but I thought a new title was in order. Don’t want to bore.
Abe’s restaurants are both closed, one store in Lakewood on South Wadsworth, and the other store in downtown Littleton. They’re opening a new store on West Jewell in Lakewood in the next few weeks. I’m not unhappy about the closings. I’ve never eaten at the Littleton store but have many times at the Lakewood store. The food was very good, the service was not very good, and the prices were outrageously high.

Passed by The Rib (1958 S. Garrison St, Lakewood, 303-763-5012; Haven’t eaten there in many years, but the sign caught my eye: “Denver’s biggest 8 oz. beef sandwich.” Y’all know that I luv word games, so my game mind went wandering. Are there different size 8 oz. beef sangies? Or is that they put the same amount of meat, 8 oz., on really large bread? Alas, when I called, they just wanted you to know that they serve an 8 oz. beef sangie while most beef sangies are only 6 oz. Why didn’t they say that? I guess the promo worked, cuz here I am, writing about it. They also serve Mexican food and burgers. That doesn’t impress me.

Look for Dunkin’ Donuts to start opening stores in metro Denver later this year or early next year. Y’all might remember I had nothing good to say about Krispy Kreme when they came to town cuz I knew they served garbage from my days at The Ohio State University, but that was before most of you were born. Now most are gone and deservedly so.

I was a Big Fan of LaMar’s Donuts when they came to town, but now any of the stores I’ve been to recently are always out of product. Don’t think they’ll be around much longer.

I’m really ready for Dunkin’ Donuts. I quit drinking coffee about ten years ago, but I do luv a good donut. I’ve had DD’s in Boston several times as well as at several airports around the country. They’ve also started breakfast and lunch sangies with very positive comments. I’m looking forward to checking out their tuna sangies along with the rest of the menu.

There are currently two franchisees in the metro area, with about 20 plus stores on their drawing boards over the next several years. Their website sez there’s a store in Colorado Springs. I’m told that Southeast Denver and North Denver will see the first stores in the metro area.

Stephanie Bonin and Keith Arnold, the wife-and-husband team who own Duo and Olivia restaurants in Denver, are relocating to Vermont. Why would anyone go to Vermont rather than live here in paradise? Maybe they’re going to take over Ben and Jerry’s?

I have a note that sez that Open Table recommended Benihana and Chart House as top restaurants for New Year’s Eve dining… Wow. Go for McDonald’s or Burger King if the others are sold out. Duh? That’s even worse than some of Trip Advisor’s or Yelp’s recommendations… altho if you’re in Corning, Iowa, those recommendations may come in handy. Ever been to Corning? That’s where folks go out Friday nite to see who rents out the motel room. Saturday morning they go down to the bakery to watch the buns rise.

Had lunch a few weeks ago at Randolph’s in the Warwick Hotel. Their new Ugh Burger was dry and flavorless. The W sed it was 85% sirloin. I think sirloin is a terrible cut of meat for anything. It was tasteless, not even hand packed, $9.00 for a necked burger, and didn’t even come with fries. That was $4 extra, so $13 for a burger and fries, plus tax and tip. Almost twenty bucks for lunch. Really?

My companions ordered chili and cheese on their burgers but they were served icky yellow and saucy, not slices of cheese or even chunks of chili. I ordered broccoli soup but it was a puree, altho not billed as such. It was decent. The clam chowda my companions had was just so so without any pizazz. Nothing had pizazz. The fries were decent. I asked for a pickle but never got one. It’s been several years since I’ve been here but it’s gonna be many more years before I go back.


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