LETTER: SB 11 should be referred to the voters of Colorado

Author: - February 1, 2013 - Updated: February 1, 2013

Dear Editor,

Yesterday a Colorado political committee was announced to recruit volunteers, seek donations, and perhaps hire professional staff to recall any legislator who does not support the referral of SB 11, the civil union bill.

Coloradans have expressed overwhelming opposition to homosexual marriage. The civil union bill is just an attempt to do a side-run around this opposition and give the homosexual lobby all the benefits of marriage without using the term.

There is no provision to exempt adoption agencies from placing children with homosexual couples if it goes against their religious beliefs.

While there is an exemption in the bill for ministers and priests, a photographer who had religious opposition could get sued for refusing to photograph a civil union ‘ceremony.’ The same could hold true for florists, meeting venues and other private businesses.

The civil unions law will add thousands of people to those entitled to benefits, at a time when entitlement spending is already threatening the state budget.

As the group’s founder and Registered Agent, SB 11 is clearly an issue that should be referred to the voters of Colorado, We the People. Depending on the financial support given us, we will oppose as many legislators as possible who do no support letting voters decide this important issue. We are recruiting volunteers, and if we get enough financial support we may have paid staff. A steering committee will be announced soon, anyone willing to serve is invited to contact us immediately through our website ReferendumOrRecall.org or info@ReferendumOrRecall.org, or (303) 861-1447.

A reporter asked me about my brother who in the past has been very public about his same-sex attraction. In response I told him that it was a long answer, and I’d be glad to talk with him about it after the rally here today or some other time.

Any further public statement of mine about my brother would only be to respond to any public statement he chooses to make about me or our family if there is a need to correct matters of fact. I love my brother and my family. We all do the best we can. My marriage of 23 years ended in divorce nearly 23 years ago. It resulted in wonderful children and grandchildren. My conduct could have been much, much better over the entire 46 years, I certainly do not hold myself up as an example of how anyone should lead their life.

John Wren
Long time community activist