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“Playwrights are like men who have been dining for a month in an Indian restaurant. After eating curry night after night, they deny the existence of asparagus.” — Peter Ustinov

Diamond Cabaret & Steakhouse
CY Steakhouse

1222 Glenarm Place – 303-571-4242

Yeah, yeah, all you suckers will rake me over the coals cuz I wrote about a strip joint. So you know who goes to this place? Yuppie lawyers and old-fart businessmen. Hey, weren’t you born nekked? Food and service are really good. Friday lunch is an all you can eat prime rib buffet. Yo! Our old friend Cliff Young is now running the neighboring steakhouse. I’m told the steaks and service is terrific. G won’t let me go alone, and won’t go with me. The cabaret is open during the week for lunch and dinner.

The menu at CY’s is described as a French-inspired American steak house. It features prime beef, charcuterie platters, impeccable shellfish and decadent desserts. The wine selection is comprised of more than 500 wines. The menu is not cheap, in the range of the other great steakeries in town, and about as expansive. There is a separate entrance for the restaurant. Note that the dancers are clothed. The restaurant is open only for dinner from 6 pm daily.

I read some of the cabaret reviews on line and was flabbergasted. Most all were positive and written by women. I found there are lotsa gals out there or enjoy a strip show as much as men do. All came with a spouse or significant other. As for me, the last time I was there to see a show I fell asleep. But I do enjoy the Friday prime rib lunch buffet. For $7.95, it’s Deal City.

Green Fine Salad Company
110 16th St. – 303-629-9127
1137 16th St. – 303-279-0173

What can I say about a salad joint? Check out their menu on line and you decide. They offer a dozen salads in different sizes. The ones that caught my eye are Caesar salad with grilled chicken, and their Bistro salad with albacore tuna and stuff including green beans. I don’t know why they think their diners would know or care that they serve “haricot vert,” but it’s really green beans. I’d probably test their Cobb salad, and their steakhouse salad. Steak is always good if they’ll cook it to order. Don’t like arugula — too bitter. They also have a salad with beets in it. G’s the only person on Earth that I know actually likes beets, but if you don’t I’m sure they can leave the beets out. Their Mediterranean salad is very popular. All the salads can be made gluten free or vegetarian.

They also offer house-made soups, assorted drinks including cold teas, and cookies.

650 Sherman St. – 303-595-0418

If you ain’t been for breakfast, you ain’t important. Lotsa yakking, deal-making and consulting goes on here in the am. The restaurant is convenient, has free covered parking, great food and service, and sapient prices. In the warm weather the patio attracts lotsa diners.

They’re open for every meal every day including weekend brunch. The menu is the same at lunch and dinner. This eatery offers more salads than about anyone in town, but I wouldn’t be caught dead eating one. Actually, they offer just about more of everything here. I go for the burgers which are great but order your burger cooked on the “flat top” not flamed-grilled. Same burger, better flavor.

Breakfast is ultra-popular and offers a huge menu. The eggs benedict are legendary and the steak and eggs is as good as any in town. You can even get breakfast at lunch time, tho the selection then is limited.

Muh FOC (Favorite Omaha Cousin) sez they have the best open-faced turkey sangie in the world. Not just in Denver, mind you, but the whole wide world. Whoopee. What can I say about folks from Nebraska? They even like their roast beef cooked for days and days. Right, Hal?

Besides more than a dozen salads and a slew of burgers, there‘s lotsa pasta, a dozen plus sangies, about a dozen southwestern dishes including a yummy chicken enchilada and relleno combo, and very good fish tacos. The house specialties include several salmon, chicken fried chicken or steak, fresh cod, a New Yawk strip steak, stir fry, Ahi tuna and fish & chips. Bunches of munchies and several soups round out the menu.

Service here is always first rate, even at the bar where I usually sit and people-watch.

The Internet reviews are all positive but the one that caught my attention sed that, “This restaurant is run like a M*A*S*H unit, …very consistent food and service and always busy. The food is great and the portions are ample.” I’ll go with that.

The full menu is served until midnite Friday and Saturday, ‘til 11 pm the rest of the week.


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