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LETTER: The Colorado Compact is just a lot of political doubletalk

Author: - December 21, 2012 - Updated: December 21, 2012

Dear Editor,

For two issues, The Statesman has chosen the “Colorado Compact” as its cause celeb with no critical analysis of what it says. Nearly each of six points has embedded language rendering it meaningless and one of the points, “Ensuring our National Security,” in spite of being a primary principle in our Constitution, is given little more than lip service.

Using the premise stating, “our legal pathway for immigration to the United States is broken,” one would come away with a completely different perspective than if one begins with the premise, “those here illegally should have a pathway for legal immigration to the United States.” In either event, this document avoids the issue.

The statement asks for new policy which “…improves our immigration system…” but does not say what is broken. Is it the B-1 or B-2 Business, B-2 Tourist (or form I-94 extension), C-1 Transit, E-1 Treaty Trader, E2 Treaty Investor, E-3 Work for Australians, F-1 Student, H-1B Work for College educated, H-1C Nurse, H-2B Work for Skilled and Unskilled, H-3 Trainee Work, J-1 Exchange, K-1 Fiancée, L-1 Intracompany, O-1 Extraordinary Ability, P Athletes/Entertainers, R-1 Religious Workers or the TN NAFTA program.

Really, federal improvements are needed? Where exactly?

Putting in the word “free-market” does not make this section any better. The admonition “Our immigration system must be flexible enough” amounts to meaningless rhetoric used by bureaucrats and politicians who know such comfort words mean only more programs and more money needs to be spent. Reality dictates simplification and streamlining of existing programs (see above) is needed. Or a more “radical” approach might be to ban welfare programs to “immigrants” and applying “undocumented immigrants” (aka illegal aliens) for five to ten years to reduce economic strain.

This is the lip service. Really, two sentences to protect our border? Please locate a copy of the Constitution and read the pre-amble. I’ll wait while you read it…

The immigration system has become broken, in part, because of extreme efforts to “prioritize keeping close families together” in the name of “all children.” No one wants to break up a close family, but at the same time, recent headlines where tourists come to the US just to give birth to a child (“anchor babies”) for the purpose of establishing a connection to our country, was not the vision of the founders. The 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868 to ensure the children of slaves, brought here against their will, were considered citizens with all of the rights under our Constitution.

In a time when community policing includes fines or jail time for littering, broken windows and graffiti, the definition of a “serious crime” becomes very subjective. Violation of any counry’s immigration laws is serious, otherwise there is no need for such laws at all. To imply the laws need to “eventually include” some method to determine who can work implies the existing system has no accountability at all. That can only be true if the existing laws are being deliberately ignored. Apparently, they are.

The insinuation that immigrants are not recognized as part of the community is simply bunk. That illegal or undocumented immigrants are to be ignored in favor of a “commonsense approach to this reality” is laughable. There is no need for any immigration policy or process at all if people of “good character” simply show up and start working without following the established rules and regulations. This “commonsense” logic means any person who offers a service or product for sale out of their garage or basement can do so without regard to any existing laws if they “are of good character” and “pay taxes.”

The “Colorado Compact” is a farce, those who signed on are either misguided or being deceptive. There is no serious conversation to be had until those who pretend “immigrants who are here without legal status” are the same as immigrants who have followed the rules. The supporters of illegal alien amnesty need to stop lying just to muddy the political waters. Taxpayers are entitled to the truth.


Dan Kopelman

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