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LETTER: Where does the GOP go from here? Away from the middle of the road

Author: - November 21, 2012 - Updated: November 21, 2012

Dear Editor,

If anything should be learned from the Nov. 6 election, it is that moderate candidates will not win the office of President of the United States. With the Romney loss, let the argument of needing a middle-of-the-road candidate in order to “win” be forever forgotten. Has the GOP learned nothing from flip flop, watered down candidates George Bush I, Bob Dole, McCain, and now Romney — all of whom were establishment moderates?

Speaking of Romney, why in the blue crap did anyone think that a guy who lost in the 2008 GOP primary to the nut case senator from Arizona who then got his butt handed to him in the general election could actually win this time around? If the Republican Party is to be truly reformed rather than dissolved, liberty minded members MUST demand that the GOP establishment be defeated in favor of proven liberty candidates and constitutional platforms. Fixing this country will not happen within the socialist Democrat Party so it is up to freedom fighters within and without the GOP. When the GOP chooses Constitutional, conservative, non-establishment candidates, they win in landslides. As examples, in recent memory, Reagan, as well as the 1994 congressional elections that swept both Houses in the so-called “Conservative Revolution,” but there is a long list of this recipe for victory in past history.

To those of you who identify with the Republican Party, isn’t it time we consider choosing principle over party and quit allowing a small group of out-of-touch old white men and mainstream media decide who gets nominated? Isn’t it time that we be honest with ourselves and recognize that the GOP establishment guard is no better than the socialist Democrats? There are clearly two factions within the GOP and the old guard has nominated nothing but losers and rushed to collaborate with the Democrats to destroy our America. There is a continuing fight within the GOP and if the party is to survive, true constitutional conservatives with proven records must take the lead and we must support them. Call them tea party, liberty candidates, whatever. Freedom is popular and freedom unites, but it is our responsibility to choose those candidates with the best voting record in support of freedom if the GOP is ever to regain any credibility. Republicans have tried way too many times to win with flip flop moderates and continue to get the same results; isn’t it time we give a libertarian freedomist a try? If that fails, then we can always very easily go back to the moderate way of failing, but we owe it to ourselves to all come together and at least give it a try since ALL establishment moderates continue to fail miserably. It is not enough to only criticize and speak out against the socialist Democrats; GOP leaders must be held accountable and called out for their blatant attacks on society. We must turn off FOX News and think for ourselves. This is the future. To truly know history is essential to accurately understanding current times.

Jim Gaston
CD 4 delegate to the 2012 RNC

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