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LETTER: Allow domestic partners to attain common-law married status

Author: - November 12, 2012 - Updated: November 12, 2012

Dear Editor,

With the new makeup of the Colorado legislature some sort of domestic partnership (or marriage) for homosexuals is inevitably going to be on the agenda. No pundits seem to be speaking of the influence of the “gay vote,” including gay sympathetic family and friends.

Attendance at Gay Pride festivities is usually over 200 thousand. You can read bumper stickers on their vehicles for a clue. Political pundits refuse to accept the fact that Colorado surely has more “gay voters” than black voters. Unlike “blacks,” who voted 90 percent for Obama of those who were registered and did vote, the voter registration for “gays” is nearly 100 percent of those who are eligible. They all voted. Do the math.

My suggestion for any domestic partnership edict from under the gold dome (where those with gold make the rules) is to not repeat the fatal mistake of Ref. I which would have allowed domestic partnering for only declared homosexuals. Include any couples, gay, straight or celibate. Furthermore, after a period of time as registered “domestic partners,” couples who want to should be granted states rights of “common law marriage status” provided they sign a prenuptial agreement to spell out in contract their intent for financial, property, and medical issues. This “prenuptial form” would be similar to a marriage license, a standard form to sign, in front of authorized witnesses, making it a legally binding contract.

I suggest 8 years as an acceptable period of time for allowing domestic partners to become eligible for common-law married status. Traditional marriages average 7 years before divorce.

Government should be amoral, although individual politicians, community leaders and preachers, certainly have the right to pontificate. I did not use the word immoral in my reference to government policy.

I am not a preacher.

I voted for Romney.

Steve Schweitzberger

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