LETTER: Florence Sebern is part of a majority of Ron Paul delegates who should be seated

Author: - August 24, 2012 - Updated: August 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Luning,

I read your August 17, 2012 article posted online in The Colorado Statesman, entitled, “Complaint filed against GOP State Chairman.” I found how you wrote it, Mr. Luning, to be biased, and to be containing arrogance and conceit.

Additionally, in that article, Mr. Luning, you wrote, “But since Romney locked up the nomination a few weeks after Colorado’s state convention, the Conservative Unity coalition appears to have splintered.” Mr. Romney may or may not have locked up the nomination, Mr. Luning, but whether he did or did not lock up the nomination doesn’t make any difference, because the delegates to the Republican National Convention determine who the nominee of the Republican Party, for President of our United States of America, will be, and that has not taken place yet. I also find your writing in this above mentioned article, Mr. Luning, to be disingenuous.

What Ms. Florence Sebern is doing, filing this complaint, is another example of her great love for our country, and of Ms. Sebern’s great love for freedom and for liberty. Our (Ron Paul) Colorado delegates and alternate delegates are the legitimate delegates representing the great State of Colorado, and they are also the majority of delegates representing the great State of Colorado, and they should be seated in Tampa, Florida at the Republican National Convention coming up in a few days from now (Monday, August 27th to Thursday, August 30th, 2012).


Mr. David M. Berke
(A 59 year-old U.S. citizen, native Californian, taxpayer, independent voter, and ardent supporter of the presidential candidacy of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, in this year, 2012)
Lake Forest, Orange County, California, U.S.A.

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